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When existence might or won’t come up with lemons – The Bloggess

I used to be on the gasoline station and I overheard any individual say “Do you know lemons aren’t actual?” And the individual they have been speaking to was once like, “Yeah, I heard that.”

After which I couldn’t forestall desirous about it as a result of WHAT IS HAPPENING so I went on twitter for his or her comments and the general public have been as baffled as I used to be, however moderately a couple of other folks identified that there’s an ongoing web argument that since lemons are a hybrid of a bitter orange and a citron then they will have to’ve be man-made and so technically existence didn’t give us lemons….we gave ourselves lemons.

I googled “are lemons actual” and google steered I seek for “DO LEMONS EXIST?” which makes me suppose that even google is a bit of puzzled at this level. I discovered an equivalent selection of web sites pronouncing “lemons are man-made”, “lemons are a naturally concurring hybrid”, and that “nobody is aware of the place lemons come from”. However although they have been man-made wouldn’t they nonetheless be actual? I imply, small children are man-made and don’t naturally happen within the wild, however they’re nonetheless actual, proper? Are the foundations other for fruit? How does science paintings?

Anyway, I don’t have a solution about lemon origins excluding to mention that they’re no less than as actual as small children, and in the event that they aren’t actual then what the fuck did I simply consume?

Edited so as to add: I used to be relating to lemons. I didn’t consume small children. Now not certain that explanation is essential however at this level all bets are off.



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