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The Flash’s Very best Easter Eggs: Michael Keaton’s Batman, Nic Cage, Snyderverse

George Clooney’s Batman Returns!!!

Let’s get started with what’s arguably the largest marvel of all of the film: the go back of George Clooney as Batman — or no less than his clever Bruce Wayne from the a lot maligned (however relatively extra fondly remembered now) Batman & Robin. It’s lengthy been argued (together with through this very web page) that Clooney used to be an excessively ill-fit for the cape and cover on the time, particularly in Joel Schumacher’s take at the persona, which required a number one guy ok with gags and slapstick, one thing the long run Hollywood icon used to be now not identified for in ’97. However he’s very best for The Flash‘s ultimate and best punchline.

“Who the fuck are you?” a surprised Barry asks when it’s Clooney that meets him out of doors of the courthouse as a substitute of the DCEU Bruce performed through Ben Affleck. Clooney’s straight-faced retort simply prior to the display cuts to black — “Barry, what’s fallacious with you?” — is 24-karat gold. No less than, on this Bruce’s thoughts, Clooney by no means left!

Darkish Flash and Flashpoint

A lot of the film’s setup — Barry racing to the previous to stop his mom’s homicide and his father’s imprisonment — is closely influenced through the DC comedian Flashpoint through Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert. Like within the movie, Barry’s movements prior to now have grave penalties for the way forward for the DC timeline, however they’re so massively other within the comedian that it could take all day to provide an explanation for the entire timey-wimey variations. That mentioned, like within the film, Barry’s movements very explicitly alternate Batman.

At all times touring within the film through each Barrys additionally leads to the introduction of the Darkish Flash, a long term model of the more youthful Barry (we all know that is complicated) who attempted to avoid wasting Batman and Supergirl all through their battle with Common Zod such a lot of occasions that he used to be remodeled into an insane monster. Whilst this model of Darkish Flash is technically an authentic persona created for this film, he’s clearly intended to nod to the hero’s lengthy historical past of anti-Flash competitors, equivalent to Opposite-Flash, Zoom, Black Flash, Savitar, Godspeed, and sure, an unrelated Darkish Flash from the comics.

Michael Keaton’s Batsuit Historical past

The Flash will get completely nuts in terms of filling within the blanks for Michael Keaton’s Batman. So much has took place since we final noticed this model of the Darkish Knight in Batman Returns over 30 years in the past. For something, this Batman it sounds as if succeeded in making Gotham Town probably the most most secure puts in the world, that means a retired Bruce can take a seat again in his decaying mansion, get inebriated, pay attention to previous data, and make pasta. However thank you to 1 particular scene within the movie, we additionally know so a lot more took place in between.

When Keaton after all makes a decision to assist the Barrys in finding Superman and forestall Zod, he heads to his secret vault of Batsuits, giving us our first have a look at a menagerie of costumes we by no means noticed within the Tim Burton motion pictures. Displayed within the vault are an underwater swimsuit, a blue and grey swimsuit intended to nod to the Bronze Age comics, a Knightmare-like getup with goggles, the broken swimsuit from the 1989 film, and what seems like a prototype dress similar to the nature’s Golden Age, entire with holsters for his grapple weapons. We surmise the latter will also nod to this Batman’s personal foundation, which we by no means noticed on display regardless of Keaton’s personal needs.



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