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Overview: Cailleach, Mull Theatre and Sonder Circus

Cailleach is a performance-based
piece created in partnership between the Mull Theatre and Sonder Circus. It’s performed and carried out by way of Lauren
Jamieson, with Joanna Vymeris because the Bride and Ashley Smith because the Narrator.
The trio encapsulate the mythological struggle of the seasons, which has been
subtly occurring for generations.

The Cailleach is initially from Gaelic dialect, with
the phrase actually that means “previous lady, hag”, however was once integrated inside
Highland mythology to constitute a being who reigns over the wintry weather seasons. In
distinction, Bride is a illustration of spring-time; she patiently awaits her
season’s go back with all the lifestyles and light-weight which comes along side it. This
forty-minute functionality gifts the battle between those two goddesses,
their seasons, and the way each and every makes an attempt to regulate the herbal panorama.

From its outset, this functionality (to be had on call for and
on-line) is stunningly gorgeous. It artfully captures the presumed Highland
Panorama, reminding any viewer of the actual energy and attractiveness within the herbal
global. The herbal environment is deeply efficient for this folklore-ian retelling
of a in all probability forgotten mythology.

What makes this piece so attention-grabbing to observe is the incorporation
of the breathtaking panorama, the mythological tale, and the usage of
acrobatics because the approach in which to painting it. Using trendy
interpretative dance evolves into extra cardio founded motion and after all a
very trendy use of a ring within the ultimate portions of the piece. With ballet
integrated in actions, Cailleach makes use of the sculptural nature
of the frame inside the environment of the wooded area panorama, to create an
evocative re-imagining of those nature founded legends.

The functionality permits for a contemporary and refreshing interpretation of highland
goddesses. Jamieson’s functionality permits for the Cailleach to be
introduced as robust, tough, daring, and courageous, all traits of the
wintry weather season. One very much admirable high quality to this piece is the subtle use
of gown and the textures inside them. The illuminating high quality of the
quite a lot of light-toned costumes forcefully contrasts to a large number of outside settings
used. It’s easy, however deeply efficient ways reminiscent of this which upload to
the complexity of the 3 main characters and the herbal struggle we see

At its center, it is a piece all concerning the battle of the seasons. This provides each narrative and drama to one thing which because of its gradual prevalence in busy, trendy lifestyles will also be simply forgotten or taken with no consideration. Cailleach permits for the wildness of girls and particularly mythological feminine beings to be tested and celebrated. Without equal parting message, which encapsulates this functionality, is that traditions would possibly fade however we will be able to at all times hook up with previous customs and knowledge. This piece is a well timed reminder of the previous energy which each the seasons and mythology had in our society, and that that is one folklore custom which will have to be loved and stored alive.

Cailleach is to be had to movement on-line till 28 August. For more info and tickets see Mull Theatre’s site.



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