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‘Jeopardy!’ Contestants At Loss Over Lord’s Prayer Query

On Tuesday, June 13, Jeopardy! contestants totally ignored out on a query that featured a Biblical quote. Mayim Bialik and audience had been shocked that now not one of the most contestants used to be ready to present the query for the solution.

Contestants Have been Doing Superb Till This Clue

The 3 contestants on this Jeopardy! episode, Laura Blyler, Suresh Krishnan, and Joe Siebert, had been flying throughout the other clues till this one stumped everybody. Shockingly, now not one among them knew the query to head with this Biblical clue.

Mayim learn the query that used to be price $200. She mentioned, “Matthew 6:9 says, ‘Our Father, which artwork in heaven,’ This ‘be thy identify.” The contestant who may fill within the clean the place “this” seemed would get $200.

Not one of the contestants hit the buzzer to fill within the clean earlier than “be thy identify.” Decider famous that when the time ran out, Mayim Bialik learn the solution for them they usually moved on.

Jeopardy! Enthusiasts Have been Surprised And Dismayed

Virtually in an instant, Jeopardy! audience began to remark in regards to the loss of solutions on Twitter. They idea it used to be a quite easy query that the contestants must had been ready to reply to, even though they weren’t spiritual or Christian.

One commenter mentioned, it used to be unhappy and famous that her grandfather taught them all of the Lord’s prayer after they had been children.

One particular person even advised it used to be “an indication of the approaching apocalypse.”

Some other folks noticed it as a adverse signal of the place the arena goes. Others simply idea it used to be a easy query as it’s a kid’s prayer that folks be informed at school. For lots of, it used to be a prayer that used to be repeated in the beginning of every college day, whether or not you had been spiritual or now not.

Are There Too Many Questions About Christianity on ‘Jeopardy!’

Then again, despite the fact that maximum discovered it improbable that the contestants had been not able to reply to a easy query a few easy prayer, some assume Jeopardy! asks too many spiritual questions. Particularly, Jeopardy! audience have wondered numerous questions on Christianity.

In Might, one particular person commented that “the Christian Bible…isn’t a part of a common training.”

Twitter lovers aren’t the one ones who’ve spotted that in recent times, Jeopardy! has noticed numerous questions on Christianity. There could also be a Jeopardy! discussion board on Reddit the place audience of the display are wondering the frequency of Bible and Christian-based questions.

After the sport moved on, the contestants all persevered to reply to questions, however in spite of everything, it used to be Krishnan who gained the sport with $14,401. This used to be his 5th win. Now, Krishnan is certified for the Event of Champions.

What did you recall to mind this Biblical query? Used to be it a query most of the people must had been ready to reply to whether or not they had been raised Christian or now not?

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