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How one can Select an Audition Monologue


The everlasting fight for an actor: having a monologue (or number of monologues) on your again pocket. What number of monologues must an actor have readily available? As a result of we audition regularly and for such a lot of genres of performs, it’s at all times a good suggestion to have no less than 3 or 4 forged items able to head. So, how do you select the piece(s) that show off who you’re as an performing artist?

When opting for a monologue, make a selection an energetic piece that lighting fixtures your hearth! This will likely make sure that you’ll be able to connect with it in some way that permits you to deeply discover all of the other movements you’ll be able to use to get what you wish to have. It’s your monologue, you must LOVE acting it!

Sarafina Vecchio, Performing Studio Chicago Teacher

1. Make your monologue energetic.

A just right monologue is largely an energetic, two-person scene. There’s force and function at the back of what you’re pronouncing and a transparent reason you’re pronouncing it. As an example, an issue between two other people is a brilliant scene to look at as a solo piece, as a result of there’s a transparent warfare that can tell your movements. Shurtleff’s 2d guidepost is understanding what you’re combating for and what you’ll do to get it.

2. Supply Subject material.

At ASC, we advise that you just use performs as supply materials for locating monologues, as a result of they’re probably the most flexible. The article about acting scripts from TV and movie is that we’ve already observed that actor carry out the scene on our monitors. We wish to see your authentic take at the material- unaffected through observing, rewinding and rewatching the TV/ movie big name’s efficiency.

I’ll by no means put out of your mind observing any person audition with a work from “Scarface,” it was once virtually comical to watch this user enjoying a job that was once so intently related to Al Pacino. It was once memorable, however sadly no longer in the precise means.

Rachael Patterson, ASC Studio Director

3. It’s all about timing.

Timing in point of fact is the entirety. Despite the fact that the tendencies on monologue period are converting at all times, something is certain- you can’t move incorrect with a 1-minute monologue. Quick and candy is at all times your highest wager!

4. Entertain us!

In the long run, audiences wish to be entertained. Within the audition room, casting administrators, manufacturers and administrators themselves wish to be sucked into the tale it’s important to inform, so make it an entertaining one! Discovering a work that is going on a adventure, incorporates an arc, a component of wonder, humor and/ or a storyline is like hanging gold. 

Audition Monologues

5. A dating YOU can personalize.

Remember to attach for your monologue. Lest you’re feeling like the tale isn’t jiving with you as an actor- even after delving deep into Shurtleff’s guideposts- then the story you’re telling received’t be plausible–and neither will your efficiency. Consider, honesty is vital, so discover a piece that you just connect to probably the most.

If an actor in point of fact connects with what they’re combating for, I may just care much less if the monologue is age or gender suitable. So long as there’s a actual want and dating? I’m bought.

-Christy Arington Lakeside Shakespeare Creative Director

6. Blow their own horns slightly.

Discover a monologue that highest demonstrates your ability and your vary as an actor. That is your likelihood to present a solo efficiency that items what you do highest! Are you a herbal comic? Are you nice at commanding energy or instilling concern along with your voice or stance? Take your 1-2 minute audition to turn us! 

There is not any very best monologue. Check out to select one thing this is captivating, simple, presentations us one thing about you, after which go away the room with out making it really feel like a traumatic scenario for you or the parents you’re auditioning for. Shoot for a work that you’ll be able to do smartly, even on a nasty day.

Kurt Naebig, ASC Teacher and Trainer

7. Humor us, please.

Can one monologue have all of it? Completely! As Shurtleff recommends, at all times to find humor on your scene. Whether or not or no longer you’ve picked a work that’s at the dramatic facet, give your target audience moments of air through infusing the piece with the lightness of amusing. In case your piece is comedic in nature, be certain it’s grounded in actual want and moments of levity will naturally occur.

Final, however perhaps maximum important- be sure to stay it gentle. In the long run, no person desires to be made deeply uncomfortable or recall to mind you in a damaging gentle, so after discovering a monologue with funny components, be sure to additionally to find one who’s no longer laden with profane language or impolite, sexual innuendos. It’s simply no longer a just right glance, and you wish to have to go away the room with a favorable imprint of you and your stellar efficiency!

Want assist along with your monologues? You’re in success! Check out our Monologue magnificence with Kurt Naebig.



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