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Emergency Workforce: Might 16, 2023 Tubby’s (Kingston, NY)

Emergency Workforce performs jazz. However additionally they don’t play jazz in any respect. There are obtrusive reference issues to 70s electrical jazz however it’s dull to forestall there; let’s upload some innovative rock, some unfastened improv and a sprinkling of put up rock. The Brooklyn-based quartet introduced all the ones influences and laid them naked at the degree at Tubby’s to near out a very good night of song courtesy of Island Space Recordings

It took all of 90 seconds for the band to discover a perch to release from as drummer Andreas Brade sends the band pummeling ahead. This started a 2-song 40+ minute experience so sizzling guitarist Jonathan Byerley used to be pressured to play in a tank most sensible after which apology to the gang for “doing roughly a Bob Weir factor”. Electrical piano leads and crunchy riffs buoyed by way of hypnotic bass traces and drumming similarly ready for fusion or laborious rock; Nationwide Well being or Spooky Teeth. Pick out your poison. For the encore the band invited Seawind of Battery to sign up for in. The already expansive taking part in took an atmospheric flip with the addition of Mike Horn’s looped guitar and Jarrod Annis’s lap metal. 

Emergency Workforce has a display on July 23 with Tacoma Park at Mama Attempted. Moreover, they’re heading into the studio in July for brand new song produced by way of Chris Schlarb! All cash spent on their Bandcamp goes at once against that recording funds so, I implore you, dig deep. A Schlarb/Emergency Workforce collab is a actually thrilling proposal. 

I recorded this from my standard spot by way of the soundboard with the MBHO’s and a board feed from Tubby’s FOH engineer Kyle. Experience!

Obtain in Flac and MP3!

Emergency Workforce
Tubby’s Kingston, NY

Supply: MBHO440 + SDB > SD MixPre 3 > SD (24/48) > Adobe Audition/Izotope 9 > Audacity FLAC (lvl8) > Mp3Tag
Recorded and produced by way of Kliked

Due to Tubbys FOH engineer Kyle for the patch!

  1. Tubby’s Jam 1
  2. Tubby’s Jam 2
  3. Tubby’s Jam 3*

Emergency Workforce is:
Robert Boston – Keys
Andreas Brade – Drums
Jonathan Byerley – Guitar
Dave Mandl – Bass

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