Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Cleared For Takeoff.

When you’re going to a scientific facility to get the COVID vaccine, be sure you deliver a legitimate type of ID along side a printout of your professional basketball stats. 

The remainder of us should nonetheless get examined, particularly if we’re touring to New York, which I’m the next day to come.

My speedy check used to be detrimental, and I will be able to now spend the following 12 days again east. 

Whilst I received’t experience my conventional vacation in New York (Broadway and bars are close down), it’ll be great to modify up my regimen once more. I were given a style of it Thanksgiving week in Dallas, and I’m hooked. 
I’ll pass over Ricky. His head’s been inexplicably smelling like McDonald’s desk syrup in recent times, and I will be able to’t prevent kissing it. He will get to visit his satisfied position – the partiality kennel – this night. And for me, there’s already 10 inches of snow at the floor in New York. A white Christmas with out the load of shoveling. See you there.


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